Messages from the Spirit World

Here is a short list of other online resources for Spirit Communications

Here are more resources for your research on the Padgett Messages and Divine Love. Although we may not wholly agree with everything said throughout each website, it is for the reader to decide what is the Truth.

Foundation Church of the New Birth - FCNB thumbnail Foundation Church of the New Birth(founded by Dr. Leslie R. Stone) FCNB Website  
Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation thumbnail image Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation Jeanne & Al Fike  
New Birth | A Spiritual Journey Begins website thumnail image New Birth –A Spiritual Journey Begins. . . Geoff Cutler  
Divine Love - The Greatest Miracle of the Universe Divine LoveThe Great Miracle of the Universe Dennis Tormey  
Angelic-Messages-to-All_thumbnail Angelic Messages to All Carolyn Stokes  
Truth-for-All-People-thumbnail Are You Seeking Truth Ian Nicol  
Divine-Love-Divine-Truth-thumbnail Divine Love Divine Truth Joan Warden  
Divine-Love-for-the-Soul Divine Love for the Soul Joan Warden (blog)  
Divine-Love-Ministry-thumbnail Divine Love Ministry Michael Nedbal and Carolyn Stokes  
Divine-Love-Soulmates_thumbnail Divine Love Soulmates Joan Warden (blog)  
Divine-Love-Writings_thumbnail Divine Love Writings Joan Warden (blog)